Specialist Military Access Systems

“People who say it can’t be done should not interrupt those doing it”


Think. Differently

About EasiBridge:

EasiBridge is a revolutionary, patented form of lightweight bridging, allowing 1 man to build and install bridges up to 18m span, with considerable ease. No further mechanical plant, power or manpower required.

EasiBridge offers user-portable bridging spans from 0-18m.  Also numerous wider applications -  a "Super-Kit" of common, inter-changeable parts.

EasiBridge is what happens when a Bridge Engineer and a Marine share an office together.  Well received by Armed Forces and Rescue Services alike.

“This really is a special system, continuing the British tradition of military bridge engineering innovation” - Think Defence 29/01/2018

EasiBridge - History:

EasiBridge was formed in 2016 by Dr. Stephen Bright PhD BEng CEng MICE.

An Experienced bridge engineer with a demonstrated history of work in consulting, academia & contracting within civil engineering industries. Skilled in both traditional structural forms and lightweight alloy/advanced composite materials. A strong innovative professional with PhD in bridge design from Bristol University.

EasiBridge- Get Over It !