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Specialist Military Access Systems

“This really is a special system, continuing the British tradition of military bridge engineering innovation” 

Think Defence 29/01/2018

“This may well be the most British invention of the 21st Century"  Cdr Salamander Military Blog 29/04/2018

EasiBridge - Key Innovations
EasiBridge offers the world’s first truly man-portable, long-span rescue/assault modular-bridge system.  An 18m assault-bridge can be installed & crossed by just one man in under 20 seconds. 
Bridges are transported & installed by just a single operative, with access from one side, only - access is not required to the opposite landing stage.  Structures can also be recovered from one side for re-us​e.

About EasiBridge

EasiBridge is 80% more compact & 85% lighter than incumbent Infantry Assault Bridges.  EasiBridge includes its own Infantry Carrier System allowing a single operative to transport a complete 10.5m bridge.

Exploiting the inherent flexibility of the EasiBridge systems, a further eight engineer/infantry “Super-Kit” capabilities can be used.  Key benefits include;

  • Portability; weighing just 4kg/m the EasiBridge sections can be easily carried by dismounted personnel and handled without mechanical assistance.
  • Span Length; gaps of up to 18m can be installed by a single operative, with access from one side only.
  • Low Cost; EasiBridge is significantly lower cost than comparable infantry assault bridges.
  • Versatility; using common components a wide range of demanding requirements can be addressed.

EasiBridge  is expandable to offer a universal, ground-breaking solution for gap crossing, infantry carriage support, MEDEVAC/CASEVAC, troop protection, logistics handling - even man-portable SVBIED barriers.  A multi-function super-kit, Ideally suited for the challenges of urban warfare, as well as special forces, engineer and dismounted infantry operations.  It promises to be revolutionary.

EasiBridge. Think. Differently.

EasiBridge Applications
Building-to-Building Access: Urban Warfare/ Counter-Terrorism - An assault team can covertly cross from rooftop to rooftop or window to window without any prior access to the target building.
General Gap Crossing (Man-Made/Natural Obstacles) - 18m max. span.  EasiBridge is expandable to offer conventional footbridge & light vehicle (Quad/LTMP/SMET/MUTT) crossing capabilities as standard.
EasiBridge is a modular gap crossing system capable of supporting personnel and equipment, even light vehicles, for rapid deployment and STRIKE capabilities.  
Numerous civilian applications
EasiBridge offers unique construction, civil engineering, underbridge access, materials handling, utility support, mountaineering crevasse crossing and fire evacuation capabilities.

Span Range (Man-Portable Systems)
0-18m. Modular bridges supplied in 10.5m (short-span) or 18m (long-span) kits. 10.5m bridge kit can subsequently be expanded to 18m range as required. Assault bridges can be readily converted to footbridges.

EasiBridge - History & Licencing
EasiBridge was formed in 2016 by Dr. Stephen Bright PhD BEng CEng MICE.  A leading UK bridge engineer with an innovative track-record in structure light-weighting.  
Materials agnostic - skilled in both traditional structural forms and lightweight alloy/advanced composite material.  EasiBridge is subject to numerous International Patents covering all core and extended capabilities. 

Please enquire about possible licencing arrangements - we are happy to work with selected 3rd parties to further develop EasiBridge's ground-breaking capabilities.   EasiBridge - accept no imitations !

EasiBridge- Get Over It !