Specialist Military Access Systems

EasiBridge  Applications:

Building-to-Building Access:

Urban Warfare/Counter-Terrorism - An assault team can “hop” from rooftop to rooftop without any prior access to the target building.

Building-to-Building Evacuation

Fire Evacuation

Window-to-Window Access

General Gap Crossing (Man-Made/Natural Obstacles)

River crossings – Bridges designed for quad-bike loading & transport.
Capable of supporting personnel, equipment and light vehicles for rapid military deployment.  
Numerous civilian (construction, industrial and mountaineering) applications.

Span Range (Man-Portable Systems)


Key Features
A lightweight, man-portable, modular bridging  system for spans from 4-to-17 m.
A 16m bridge can be installed & crossed by just 1 man in under 20 seconds. 
Bridges are installed by just 1 man, with access from one side, only - access is not required to the opposite landing stage. 
Structures can also recovered by just 1 man from one side for re-use.

Additional Features
Modular systems fit within 1.2m pallet for helicopter or quad bike transport.
Further variants intended for light vehicle bridging – an 8 tonne vehicle bridge would weigh less than ½ tonne.