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Specialist Military Access Systems

“People Who Say It Can't Be Done Should Not Interrupt Those Already Doing It"

Civilian systems

EasiShift - Portable Ladder Conveyor

A 12m conveyor fits inside family car. 

EasiBarrier - Man-Portable, Rapid Assembly Flood Defence Barriers.

EasiRoof - Easy-Assembly,

Crane-Free Roof Systems 

Military systems

Modular Assault Bridges, Footbridges, Force Protection, Cover Protection, Barrier Systems, Infantry Carriage Support, MEDEVAC/CASEVAC, Fence Breaching.

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“This really is a special system, continuing the British tradition of military bridge engineering innovation” - Think Defence 29/01/2018


“This really is a special system, continuing the British tradition of military bridge engineering innovation” 

Think Defence 29/01/2018

“People Who Say It Can't Be Done Should Not Interrupt Those Already Doing It"

man-portable conveyor materials handling shingle hoist powered conveyor manual handling regulation health and safety
window to window building to building horizontal access counter terrorism emergency evacuation grenfell fire


New Products

Lightweight, Long-Span, Man-Portable. ​EasiBridge Systems Are Easily Adapted Into A Range of New Products & Services.  New EasiBridge Systems Under Continuous Development.  Man-Portable Mountaineering Crevasse Crossing System Now Available.  18m Span Range

Modular military bridge gap crossing man-portable infantry carrier tactical assault